We are HKU Feesten, a non-profit organization which focusses on the talent that all the amazing schools of HKU have to offer. We enhance creativity, by connecting artists with public and cultural organizations. We are a strong team of production experts, marketing geniuses, graphic designers and other creative
minds. Our core purpose is realized during our cultural events, promotional campaigns and expositions. This is where we offer a stage to artists, creators and talents and shed light on the cultural spheres of Utrecht. This way we stimulate the growth of these talents that come forth from our diverse school.

2016 – Present

Hit The Curb, Isolation Celebration, Centraal laat x HKU Feesten, Overkill 3, Overkill 2, Overkill 1, No Subject 3, No Subject 2, No Subject 1, Lost In Time, HKU Roekeloos

Archive will be online soon.


HKU Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten Utrecht,
Gemeente Utrecht, De Utrechtse Muziekschool, Uitkalender

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